Where can you obtain the Dolipresta e-commerce Module for Dolibarr ?

On the Dolistore (official marketplace for Dolibarr modules) or directly from developpers.

You will get the sources and the documentation for installing and using the system

Only a simplyfied version (called Community version) is available on this sites. Community version offers main functions, but has been simplified to be easy to install without assistance.

Complete versions are only provided with a installation service and a maintenance contract. Tiaris provides anintegrated Cloud service for e-merchants.

This site is the official information site about Dolipresta. Developpers will comunicate here news, tips, documentation regularly.

1)  Community version

You will get sources and documentation for installing and using the system. All code is under GNU/GPL licence. You install it by yourself and use under your responsability. .

No garanty and no free support is included with the module in Community version.



from 75,00 € HT

Acheter sur Dolistore

Acheter chez Tiaris


2)  Ask our team or skilled partners to install the complete version

Developpers and skilled partners can install the system on your Dolibarr installation. We strongly recommend this option, because our experience shows that it is not easy to setup the systme to make Dolibarr and Prestashop sites work together.

Ask for a quote. Price is without VAT and includes sources and documentation.

Service includes installing and configuring the suystem ,setup cron tasks, setting up products, clients synchronisation.

Don’t waste your time or money ! Ask our specialists!


from 1300,00 € HT

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3)  Use our Cloud Service

The developper of Dolipresta provides a Cloud Service for e-merchants. Dolibarr is installed with several Modules adpated for e-commerce management.

Manage your business, we manage the technical needs.


from 100,00 € HT / month

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